tirsdag 13. mai 2014

Position ODA 12.05.2014 13:00 local time - all well

COG 326
Speed 2.8 kt
Wind 12kt – 131degrees
Waves 1 m svell
We slow down as much as possible (only little forsail.) to let the oncoming front from southeast pass us before we reach 23 degrees south.
The third boat in the company – a 47 motoryacht Southern Star, has left us to reach Anatom before the heavy weather reach them. We have to go through it or let it pass us upfront.
May be we will heave to tomorrow to let it pass – may be we will go into it.
Now we are relaxing with music and good books and food in good weather.
Elisabeth Hval – Per Mandt
Satphone +881631570543
VHF LK7969
mmsi  257840040
This is an update for the New Zealand Coastguard and the Island Cruising association and for our blog.

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