onsdag 14. mai 2014

Position ODA 14.05.2014 15:15 local time - all well onboard

COG 342
Speed 5.1 kt
Wind 18kt – 129 degrees magn
Waves 1 m svell

Only stormjib in use, but still we sails too fast....
"The noble art of very slow sailing" is near to end at 25 degrees south.
Tomorrow at noon we speed up and if Stormvogel is lucky, they maybe will see
our aft lantern in the dark.
ETA: Anatom saturday 17th of May at noon. All crew will sing the norwegian
nasjonal hymn dressed in norwegian bunad on deck when sailing into the

See us in the map http://blog.mailasail.com/sy-oda

Elisabeth Hval – Per Mandt

Satphone +881631570543 (send SMS on messaging.iridium.com)
VHF LK7969
mmsi 257840040

This is an update for the New Zealand Coastguard, The Island Cruising
association and for our blog.

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